30 January 2010

my new year

I do have a bit more so say, ruminations etc...and will, but for now, just wanted to say hello, and that I really like working...at least for now (it's only week one after all), daycare is going well, Mooch has risen to the challenge and getting his elbows into everything (literally), and I have let him grow up after a few little tears of sadness that I shed, realising and accepting that once and for all, the early years of life has been completed. These years have been the most wonderful, impressive and maturing time of my life, and that, along with our time in Tokyo has now made me a much more balanced and appreciative and careful human, of my extended family and friends, my relationship with my darling and Mooey and Long Long and my fortunate place in society.

Look at the clear, blue sky in the photo above, that too, I am thankful for!

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  1. It does look like a beautiful day!! Glad that your new job is going well!